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Welcome to the exquiste world of Navajo Art

Enticing, elegant and enamoring – Navajo art is a mesmeric concoction of history and proficiency. Inspired from the traditional art form of the native American Navajo tribe, it consists of exotic color palettes and prominent themes that reflect their take on philosophy, spirituality, legends, histories and the expression of their own thoughts, beliefs and emotions. The aesthetically pleasing and abstract representation of these concepts can be seen in the form of Navajo Indian art on canvas and crafts. And for the Navajo artisans, these works are treasures that they hold dearly.

So, why not bring the beautiful elements of this native art into your homes and lives? Lajasta Wauneka, an award-winning Navajo artist herself, has created this platform to bridge the gap between you and the distinct art form. And this platform serves as one of the most diverse American Indian art galleries based in New Mexico, working for the empowerment of the native artists and bringing more recognition to their works so that they receive the appreciation that they deserve.

This native American gallery is not about making you embrace the original craft-works but mostly, to let you explore the creative possibilities of these themes. That is why you would find not only decorative pieces here, but also functional rugs, drinking mugs, jewelry and lot many lifestyle items, all inspired by the traditions and crafted by the gifted natives. So, take a peek into this enchanting online gallery by a Navajo artist and become a patron yourself!

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