3 Navajo Art Designs that are Simply Irresistible

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Regardless of whether you are an art enthusiast or enjoy collecting unique items, there is no denying the subtle charm and distinctive style of Navajo art. For people who are drawn towards earth tone colors of Indian pottery, purchasing Navajo art inspired products will be an extremely satisfying experience. The art has a unique amalgamation of creativity and elegance. Nowadays, most people purchase Navajo Indian artwork canvas prints and Navajo inspired merchandise to add an aesthetic appeal to their home.

Navajo inspired merchandise is delightful and fascinating. The Navajo paintings printed on mugs, rugs, wallets, etc have a very interesting history and are inspired by the culture and notions of the ancient tribe. Here are a few iconic designs that you should consider while purchasing the next art piece for your home: –

The Wedding Gift

The Navajo Wedding Gift portrays a unique pot distinguished by two ted tops which are connected by a handle. The subtle effects of crayons bring out the true essence of the painting. Having such artistic designs on everyday items such as mugs and wallets will enhance your quality of life.

Female Dancers

The number ‘4’ is considered sacred according to the ancient cultures, beliefs, and notions of The Navajo tribe. This painting features four round-faced dancers participating in the sacred Yeibichai Dance, which is one of the most popular Navajo curative ceremonies.

Blue Bird

Bluebirds are considered a very crucial part of the Navajo Emergence story. It is an integrated part of the ancient culture and a lot of things have been named after them.

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