4 Reasons Why Navajo Art Coffee Mugs Make For Perfect Gifts

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Hunting for a present for someone special? Or did you forget that it’s your colleague’s birthday and have no clue about his likes and dislikes? Well, you can never go wrong with Native American coffee mugs!

Regardless of whether it’s Christmas, a friend’s birthday, an anniversary, or you just feel like surprising someone, mugs are god-gifted solutions for those who can never decide on what to gift to people they love! Not only are everyday mugs pleasing to the eyes, but they are also extremely useful. What’s more, you can actually walk the extra mile to select a Navajo coffee mug that’s one in a million (instead of hurriedly opting for a plain white mug) to remind them that your loved ones are unique and special!

So, stop browsing the internet for a gifting solution and place your bets on a pretty Navajo art inspired mug. After all, no one can have enough beautiful mugs at home! If you are still on the fence about it, then we’re here to convince you that it’s a gift like no other:

1) You make their mornings better!

We don’t know about others, but we love our morning coffee a lot. Take that away from us and we will be left extremely grumpy, angry, and irritated.

Similarly, there are millions of people out there who simply can’t function without their morning caffeine shot and there is a high chance that those you know also fall in this category. So, don’t you want to make their lives easier by gifting them a mug for a drink that they need so badly?

2) Native American coffee mugs are affordable

It’s difficult to find gifts quickly that are meaningful and durable if you have a tight budget. Thankfully, unlike other gifts that require you to empty your wallets, all our mugs are between the price range of $12-14. Since they are so affordable, you can also stack up a few mugs in different styles and designs so that you do not have to hunt for gifts at the last moment every single time.

3) There is a story behind the art

Navajo Indian art on our coffee mugs are not random, mundane scribbles. Most of the designs behold layers of meanings or have artistic representations of objects that the Native American tribe holds dear. Many coffee mugs also have imprinted artworks that follow styles perfected over decades by Navajo artists. Therefore, these coffee mugs are not just everyday objects; they are also beautiful pieces of art.

4) Coffee mugs are great for work

There is a reason why Swedes take coffee breaks at work seriously. They have a term for it ⁠— fika. But it’s so much more than a word; it’s a social institution in itself where employees slow down and socialize over coffee for a short time. Not only do these breaks freshen them up, but it also strengthens bonds between colleagues. So, next time you are looking for gifts for a workaholic, present them with a mug and explain the concept of ‘fika’ to them!

In addition to this, if your friend starts chugging coffee whenever there are multiple deadlines to meet, then he will love you for gifting him a coffee mug! Not only will the Navajo Indian art on the coffee mugs make for amazing conversation starters on his first day at work, but it will also power him through those unbearable Mondays that have back-to-back meetings.

Looking for Navajo coffee mugs to gift to people you care about? Browse through Navajo Artist’s amazing collection today!