Keep the Navajo Heritage Intact With Navajo Designed Wallets

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Originating in the 15th century from present-day Canada and parts of Alaska, Navajo culture traces back to a rich history of art and tradition. Most of the traditional Navajo art forms of weaving, basket making, pottery making, and jewelry making can still be seen in most parts of America as people continue to keep the heritage intact by passing it on to the next generations.

Despite efforts by the federal government to eradicate the artistically rich Native American Navajo culture in the late 18th century by forcing the tribe to follow white traditions, the community relentlessly fought to preserve their culture and hold onto their native culture and language.

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Staying true to the culture

With around 15 million acres of land, the Navajo reservation, created in 1868, is pursuing its passion for maintaining the Navajo culture by presenting various art forms in the form of rugs, mugs, and wallets. It is the largest reservation in the United States, with a population of 148,000 people.

Navajo wallets – A way to feel connected

One of the ways to feel connected with the culture is by keeping some form of art on your person or at the house. Just as you keep your loved one(s)’s photos in your wallet to remain close to them, buying trendy Navajo design wallets is also a brilliant way of remaining in touch with this rich Native American culture. You could even pass them on to your children as a souvenir that they can hold for years to come. In addition, the wallet will introduce them to the beautifully artistic Navajo way of life, thus keeping the rich heritage intact.