Keeping Native American Culture and Traditions Alive

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The importance of keeping cultures alive stems from the need to preserve the identity of a people. As a culture fades away, so does an entire people. Imagine not knowing your heritage, once popular holiday traditions, customary dance forms and art, family recipes served on special occasions, and more. If we don’t keep our traditions alive and let our past die out, we won’t have anything to pass on to the young generations. The Native American population is less than two percent of America’s population today. We must give our young a heritage to carry on. What better way than art to make that happen? From Native American coffee mugs to Navajo inspired jewelry, the canvas for art is wide and popular.

The struggle to keep the Native American culture alive requires our attention. Cultural preservation will ensure their rich heritage lives on. By keeping the culture alive, the young members of the community will learn the respectful and peaceful ways of their forefathers. Learning the language of their community will allow them to connect with their past better and guide them to restore the ways of their people.

Through stories

Listening to stories of the elders from the Navajo community will surely help the younger member of the community find their place in the world. We should explore pathways that allow the older generation to pass on valuable customs and traditions to the next generation. The stories tell them how their people were, their ways, and most importantly teach them to be compassionate, generous, and brave like their ancestors. Stories are a great way to reinforce values and a lost way of life.

Through art

Art speaks in ways that connect people with their past like nothing else. After all, looking at art closely is like familiarizing oneself with the soul of the artist. Native Americans gave expression to their values, fears, legends, and more through art, consisting of various themes and an exuberant color pattern. The abstract and aesthetic representation of their art on craft and canvas attracts attention and develops curiosity to know the past. A coffee mug is a perfect canvas for traditional art. If you have seen Navajo Indian art on coffee mugs, you would agree! Embracing Native American art is akin to keeping a peoples’ heritage alive.

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