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Mostly made of metal and gemstones, adorned with indigenous symbols, painted with representational images and carved into a multitude of beautiful designs, jewelry worn by the native American Navajo tribes were more than just personal decoration. Their traditions and beliefs were etched on to everything from a charming Navajo silver cuff bracelet to striking beaded hair ornaments and everything in between.

The elements of spirituality and faith led to the continuous crafting and wearing of jewelry by all members of the tribes. And these are also the elements that helped them preserve the original meanings of the designs or the reason why they wore the kind of jewelry that is fascinating in many ways and at many levels.

The ethnic beauty of Native American art jewelry can be incorporated in your wardrobe too, with the amazing modern touches that make these incredible pieces true collectibles. Our collection lets you explore the authentic appeal of alluring Navajo jewelry. With all the bold patterns and colors that are a prominent characteristic of an enchanting Native American beaded cuff bracelet or the spiritual themes that mark the very core of every impeccable tribal piece, the products in this section have a strong aesthetic quality that would let you team them with a variety of looks.

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