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Navajo Clan Cups

Navajo clans are inherited from the mother and father. The maternal clans from the mother and father are passed to baby is born, he or she belongs to the clan of the mother. The clan name passes on through her to her children.
The names of more than half of the Navajo Clans are derived from the places in which the Clans originated, such as Kinyaa’ą́ąnii, a Pueblo ruin in the Crownpoint area of New Mexico, or Deeschii’nii, a canyon in the Cibecue area of the Western Apache country. The remainder, something less than half, claim origin from other American Indians including the Mexicans, Apaches, Utes, Commanches, and Puebloans (Zuni, Jemez, Zia, Santa Ana, and Hopi).
Now the Navajo Tribe has grown to it present system of about 90 different Navajo Clans. As of now, no official clans are represented for Anglos (Bilagáana) or Asians (Bináá’ádaałts’ózí Dine’é), although Navajos who have one parent that is non-Navajo are still “born to” or “born for” Anglo-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc..

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